Features of iOS-SQLite Database,Gesture Recognizer and Future of Mobile Game Development in iOS

Introduction to SQLite Database in iOS

The blog was originally created by Swati Choksi.

  • The objective of blog is to know how to work on SQLite Database in iOS.
  • In the age where Core Data is king, the database that started it all is often overlooked. I’m talking of course about SQLite. As you may or may not know, prior to core data, SQLite was the preferred method of storing relational data on IOS devices.
  • Following are the steps that give you a brief introduction to using FMDB.
    1. Create a database.
    2. Create a table.
    3. Insert, fetch, and delete data in it.
  • Check out more information at SQLite Database.

Introduction to Gesture Recognizer in iOS

Swati Chowksi has shared her knowledge about gesture recognizer in iOS.

Gesture Recognizer in iOS

  • Prior to iPhone OS 3.2, developers had to write their own code to detect various touch events in their applications.
  • For instance, the default iPhone Photo application allows the user to zoom into and out of a photo using two fingers while “pinching” the photo in and out.
  • The mechanism to detect these gestures was never a concrete and reusable class, and developers had to create their own gesture recognizers.
  • With the introduction of iOS 3.2, some of the most common gesture event detection code is encapsulated into reusable classes built into the SDK. These classes can be used to detect swipe, pinch, pan, tap, drag, long press, and rotation gestures.
  • To know more See Gesture Recognizer.

iOS-What is the future of mobile game development for the iOS platform?

Tejas jasani has published the blog about the future of mobile game development for the iOS platform

  • The App Store is a huge contributor to the success of the mobile gaming world. Before the App Store was launched, gaming apps were quite difficult to procure and the variety of games were restricted to a selected few. The ‘click and collect’ method is taken for granted today, although some years back, developing a game and providing quick accessibility was a big problem for most.
  • Get an exact idea more at iOS the future of mobile game development.

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