iOS-Applications and Usages

iOS-Image Processing using GPUImage Framework

Swati Choksi originally creates the blog.

  • The objective of this blog post is to describe that how image processing using GPUImage Framework works in iOS.
  • The GPUImage Framework is a BSD-licensed iOS library that lets you apply GPU-accelerated filters and other effects to images, live camera video, and movies.
  • Follow some steps and get the detail information to use GPUImage Framework for interactive application related to image, video and media at GPUImage Framework.


iOS-Create Gradient View

Swati Choksi has shared her knowledge about how to create Gradient View.
gradient View

  • The objective of this blog is to show how to create gradient view in iOS.
  • A Gradient is a filing of colors that varies from one to another.
  • Basically there are of two types in Gradient.
  • For more information go to Gradient View


iOS-Text Overlay on Image

Swati choksi has published the blog sharing knowledge about Text Overlay on Image.
Text Overlay on Image

  • The main objective of this blog is to describe how to overlay text on image.
  • Text Overlay on images is very important for the purpose of poster making, creating logo, pictures and media.
  • For having a demo visit site Text Overlay on Image.



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