iOS-Amalgamation of features like CSV parser and Writer,Delegates,Image Picker Controller

  iOS-CSV Parser and Writer

The blog is created by Swati choksi


  • The objective of this post is to describe how to parse and write .csv file in iOS.

  • CSV is basically known as Character Separated values.

  • CSV file stores tabular data in a plain text form.

  • A CSV file consists of any number of records, in which each records consists of fields, fields are separated by some other character of strings.

  • Most commonly used character are tab, space or comma.

  • Following are the steps that give you a brief introduction about CSV Parser and Writer.

iOS – Delegate

Dipti Ganatra has shared her knowledge about Delegates in iOS.

  • The main Objective of this blog is to explain what are delegates and how it is helpful in iOS Application.

  • Delegates are just the means of communication between objects of iOS.

  • It allows communicate one object to other object when any events occur.

  • Here it is also shown how to describe user define Delegates in easy steps.

  • For more information click on iOS-Delegates.

iOS-Image Picker Controller

Krupa Kadeche shared this post originally.

images (1)

  • The iOS image Picker is a controller

  • It allows you to select an image from device gallery or capture it from the camera.

  • In this demo it is explained how to grab the image or take a new one if device has a camera to take a new one.

  • The iOS library contains a very useful class known as UllImagePickerController.

  • It is a user interface that provides the functionality to interact with the camera.

  • For more information click on Image picker Controller.

  • The iOS image Picker is a controller


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